• The Breath Series
    6 videos  |  Buy $44.99

    The Breath Series

    6 videos  |  Buy $44.99

    Uma demonstrates her unique source power inspired breathing sequences inspired by the Yoni Shakti and Womb Yoga series

  • Meet the Mahavidyas - Yoni Shakti Series

    10 videos  |  Buy $44.99

    Uma and Nirlipta in this collection of 10 videos introduce all the 10 Mahavidyas and explores how the potent power of the ten great wisdom goddesses can be experienced through yoga, drawing upon the the themes and topics from her inspirational book :
    Yoni Shakti – A Woman's Guide to Power and F...

  • Creative and Sexual Pleasures

    6 videos  |  Buy $44.99

    Uma gives us her unique Creativity and Sexuality series