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2. Kali - Meet the Mahavidias

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1. Introduction - Meet the Mahavidias

Mahavidyas - Yoni Shakti Series – 12m

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  • 2. Kali - Meet the Mahavidias

    In her role as the embodiment of change and the guardian of all cyclical wisdom, Kali’s yantra conveys the thunderbolt like energy of shift and transformation. Like the yantras for Tara, Chinnamastā and Bhairavi, the Kali yantra is pure Shakti, with ve downward pointing triangles. The Siva consc...

  • 3. Tara - Meet the Mahavidias

    As the ‘guiding star’ who carries and/or guides us through all experiences, Tara bridges di culties and blessings; she can be both erce and benign. She is assigned in Yoni Shakti to the speci c guardianship of the maha-cycle of menstruality, as a meta-guide for all cyclical wisdom. Like the yant...

  • 4. Sodasi - Meet the Mahavidias

    As the eternally luscious and beautiful ‘sixteen year old’, Sodasi is the beauty of the three worlds, containing within her the immensely attractive power of innocent perfection. She is sometimes represented through the Sri Yantra, but also in this alternate version of the Sodasi yantra she holds...