Watch 6. Bhuvaneshvari - Meet the Mahavidias

Watch 6. Bhuvaneshvari - Meet the Mahavidias

6. Bhuvaneshvari - Meet the Mahavidias

Mahavidyas - Yoni Shakti Series – 4m 53s

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  • 7. Chinnamasta - Meet the Mahavidias

    As the decapitated goddess who represents consciousness beyond the mind, Chinnamastā yantra communicates the erce energy of the precise moment of transformation. Like the yantras for Kali, Tara and Bhairavi, the Chinnamastā yantra is pure Śakti, with three concentric downward pointing triangles....

  • 8. Bagalmukhi - Meet the Mahavidias

    Standing guard over the experiences of peri-menopause, Bagalmukhi is literally the ‘paralyzer’ ‘ or ‘cunt-face’ with the capacity to stop us in our tracks, and to silence those who resist or attack the power of cyclical wisdom and the inevitability of change. Although, like Dhumavati, Kamalatmika...

  • 9. Bhairavi - Meet the Mahavidias

    As the grandmother goddess to all of the other Mahāvidyās, Dhumavati communicates the deep truth of what really matters, without balking at the destruction, su ering and pain that such realization may bring. The Dhumavati yantra presents
    a balance between the Siva/Śakti triangles of ascent and d...